Work in Progress (Pt 1) – Stop Motion Camera Tattoo

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Close So after a long-while of me trying to hog traffic over to my flickr account, I decided to finally post my tattoo stop-motion video to youtube. The tattoo is taking longer than anticipated to finish so I’ve decided to post it up here for more people to see while I get work done on it. From my flickr that day: So with the help of Tony Touch, I am getting an awesome Nerd sleeve worked on whenever I go visit Toledo. We decided to roll with an evolution of cameras at first, then more nerdy references above. Tony got the idea from another artist to do a stop-motion video where it looks like the tattoo does itself. I brought in a single alienbee and softbox, plus my handy new remote, and we got to it. Hopefully we’ll do this for the entire arm. I’d love to have that kind of record of progress on this 🙂 Since everyone is asking, some things about the tattoo: -The actual time of the sitting was 4 hours -This video is comprised out of 1054 shots -“ROZWÓJ” is Polish for “development” -The numbers on the film canister reflect the date I took my first serious photograph -Yes, the film is 35mm, but it’s not going into any of the cameras, just wrapping around. I’m well aware that it looks odd having it next to medium format cameras, but it will make sense when the rest of the sleeve is completed. 🙂 Song: Helen of Troy by Telefon Tel Aviv 5d Mark ii 24-70mm f2.8 Final Cut Pro


didy7178 says:

That is such a generalization, it depends on the actual tattoo and how well it is done.

Liam williams says:

shut up antony you jew.

mkiss125 says:


Anthony Macchiano says:


woodpush4element says:

its probably 5-20 frames per second

woodpush4element says:

you obviously don’t have any tattoos

Isa AC says:

amazing, how many frames per minute is?

wagifilmz says:

Awesome !
Please watch my first stop
motion animation !
“wagi filmz intro”

hARVoThe96 says:


quintocavaleiro says:

amazing tattoo work n´ stop motion work,..

rickygaz1213 says:

Idiot you know you can remove them, Its just they have a permanent thing.

D4N13LYeahBaby says:

Nice, please watch our clip too. ^^

amorvincitomniART says:

very cool

OperationNERD says:

You also dont look hot, with nothing on your 87 year old skin.

FluffyNinja1337 says:

Is that a permanent tattoo??

SpectreofApples says:

‘Most girls don’t like it’
Pfft, I’d rather look at tattoos of something awesome than a guy’s Disney movie collection XD

kaqusi007 says:

You are a moron and no one cares about your opinion.

crazyguy2260 says:

That would be funny if you actually got a tattoo that said “To Be Continued…”

Shelby Houk says:

That tattoo looks awesome. I love the colors and the connection to each other. Gret Job

TheLordMartian says:

Great video. That’s a great tattoo, as well. To everyone complaining about tattoos being permanent… Who the hell asked you? Frankly, it is absolutely none of your business what other people want to do with their bodies. Also, tattoos can be removed. Smaller tattoos can be removed surgically, of course, but if you really want to remove a tattoo bad enough and want to spend the money, you can get them removed with lasers that break the tattoo up under the skin. There’s ways, so quit complaining.

zagdinosaurs says:

This is amazing! and the tat looks sa-wheeet.

jhendriksen78 says:

freaky ugly yuk the color of the universe is all around , you guys look like would be clowns.

Nick Lemay says:

Who would want to erase art?

TheSquirtleKing says:

Like this if you liked this 😀


Of the woman I’ve slept with, 9/10 of them liked my tattoos

HeadacheVillain says:

That is fucking awesome!

superspiffz says:


Miguel Bernuy says:

Big idea!!

rickdevrin says:

Thanks for the inspiration Knux68

I’ve just posted my newest piece on my page. Can’t seem to figure how to post a url in a comment though. I assume one can just click on my name. 🙂

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