Woman screaming while getting a tattoo (full-length)

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Bazzda Beatz says:

just fucking get the bitch out of the shop, fucking grandi bitch 

Thomas Fox says:

Overreaction here
My back tattoo was nothing 

MJjuice89 says:

Throw the stupid bitch out if she’s going to sit there and act like she
knows more than the artist. Dumb bitch. 

Michael Gus says:

Dont blame the guy ide mad if she kept moving to

Brandon Conn says:

Owewwww! Ahhhh! Ooh! Ahh! Ow! Lol

DragonFighter1133 says:

hahaha what the fuck with this girl dam 

Jeremy Macsweeney says:

Absolutely hilarious

Anthony Chirillo says:

I’ll bet anything that this was her first tattoo lmfao. 

Joseph Mckay says:

I would have laughed my ass off on the floor.

devon skenandore says:

That bitch needs to get knocked the fuck out

Queen Cee says:

What a baby…

Walter Gulick says:

Wow what A woose i thought i was bad when i got mine i didn’t even scream
i like sighed real big and i’m a very low tolerance if the guy that was
doing my tattoo heard me scream he would of kicked me out they take that
shit serious hopefully getting my second one prepare and man up or don’t
get one at all 

Victoria Ann says:


Lindzee Rosa says:

He was so rude

L Gardner says:

Well I guess we know that she isn’t getting another tattoo any time soon.

seephiii says:

how looks the finished tattoo??

Jesse Ramirez says:

Lmao I wulda slapped the tattoo artist

MoNia PoSaDaS says:


qbas78 says:

Stupid cow !

natveangl says:

At the beginning of the video she was yelling before he was even running
the gun. Her tensing up would make it hurt worse if anything. and moving
around and jerking could push the needle deeper into the skin if she does
it suddenly. What an idiot.

Alicia Moore says:

Hahahaha lol now Best Ink knows who not to pick!

Leslie Branch says:

lmfao. i got my first tattoo in the same place a week ago and i didnt
budge, flinch, or speak. lol.

Cole Williams says:

I would sue the tattoo Place…..

Judith Payne says:

Great patience this guy had. 

shea ryan says:

Omg no shit it flipping hurts a man is carving a picture into ur back

kbwmt says:

Yes it hurts but you can’t let someone talk to you like that 

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