To Tattoo or not to Tattoo – That is the Question!

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Should you get a tattoo? This is hilarious! Please take this one with a pinch of salt. This is a comical view of the pros and cons of getting a tattoo.


hopelost9 says:

strongbad ftw!!!!!

LightningLuigiBreaku says:

The kanji means cheap

EPICconvention says:

This is why I can’t decide whether or not to get a tattoo…..

a7xfan379 says:

Grif=Geoff :O

MrPineapplehouse says:

damnit, im getting a tattoo of strong bad now

who were the guys right after that, the next ‘favorite online cartoon’

Angryprometheus says:

I think it would be ironic, if everyone was made of iron.

kittyinatux says:

Kanji not asain character

familyguyfreak796 says:

Okay, we all agree that while the current situation is not totally ironic, the fact that we now have to work together is odd in an unexpected way that defies our normal circumstances. Is everybody happy with that?

familyguyfreak796 says:

I think I’m going to do this bit for a duet project in my theater class assuming my partner likes it.

Peregrin Took says:

Did you just say chrome? You would rather be made of chrome? That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life…

CainTheMain says:

I would rather be made of steel or chrome. -

Fairfieldfencer says:

I think it would be ironic if everybody was made of iron.

MDassatti5 says:

would have been better if someone was called an ignorant slut

Gorrrrn says:

I think it would be ironic, if everyone were made of iron.

Kyle Nguyen says:

While working with the military, I watched many young airmen make big mistakes; tattoos. New airmen, fresh out of Basic Training would often go to Sheppard AFB for tech school (depending on specialty) & find that the base is literally surrounded by tattoo shops. Clearly, an attempt to capitalize on young people with fat government pay checks. The worst part is that 7 out of every 10 airman tend to regret them later in life. So my warning is this; wait a few years before inking your body.

TheDude9797 says:

red vs blue is a cartoon?

EzioHanitore says:

I think it would be ironic if we were all iron

AddictingPMVs says:

This decided it… I’m getting a Fluttershy tattoo this year.

Lerg22 says:

It would be ironic if we were all made out of Iron!

JayProductions90 says:

already got one… thanks.

okcman18 says:


okcman18 says:

To see how good tags look on a white person looks at the Denver nuggets player chirs andorson yeah he looks hot

9picklepowers says:

I think it would be ironic if I found a cube of iron

supermaksas says:

actualy,the math through 1st to 10th grade is almost the same,except you get more numbers as you go along,but all the equations have the same answer:the awnser of the equation

Sirfartsalot2621 says:


DanteDMCry says:

Well Geoff (voice of Grif) has loads of tattoos and he works at Rooster Teeth and basically plays video games for money because of Achievement Hunter. I think that is a pretty good job.

Coytee says:

i’ve got a gun in my hand but the gun wont cock and my fingers on the trigger but the trigger seems locked and i cant stop staring at the tick tock clock—–woo! point counterpoint

Strandom Ranger says:

Tattoos are a terrible idea. 90% of the time they are topical, and no one will know what that is in 10 years. And they make you look unprofessional. Good luck getting a real career with one.

death5409 says:

15 and already doin collage work, beat that

xxGODxOFxWAR says:

No problem, you seem like a good kid. Just try and communicate that better:)

Riku Nura says:

yeah…. sorry usually when i make that face i’m talking in sarcasm but i guess you guys really had no way of knowing that,.i shouldn’t have said it like i did i’m sorry.

xxGODxOFxWAR says:

Alright then, but a tip for the future, unless you clearly indicate sarcasm or a jokey attitude in a comment, people will take you seriously.

Riku Nura says:

woah woah o.o it was only a joke ;w; i didn’t mean anything by it o.o it was a joke i’m sorry x.x i didn’t mean to seem cocky or anything i was just playing around

xxGODxOFxWAR says:

Good for you, but if you were actually intelligent then you wouldn’t feel the need to brag. In my experience, cocky deuchebags are not very smart or well liked.

YMizukage says:

I think it would be ironic if we were made of iron.

40bryan says:

Gus and Geoff have real matching Blade tatoos on their neck’s 

cmiddleton9872 says:

Doesnt Gus have an Atari tramp stamp?


Wrong Simmon’s has a blade tattoo

luckyleprachaun7 says:

I think it would be ironic if our guns didn’t shoot bullets, but instead squirted a healing salve that cured all wounds.

MultiYogibear says:

if I were to get a tattoo of one of these guys it would have to be caboose

Epicwin912 says:

-_- im not baconing your narwhal

dojodragon123 says:

nope! 17:30! but you were close

Epicwin912 says:


MegaAshKetchum102938 says:

when does the narwhal bacon?

Negagurdain says:

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I know what the kanji is at 2:25! It means ease.

mussonman says:

i think i like RVB psa’s more than RVB

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