To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo? – Miami Ink

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Cover-ups have to be tattooists hardest challenge and sometmes there is no other option to have parts of tattoo lasered to lighten the existing tattoo to allow the tattooist to design the best piece for you. Nicole wants to cover up an old tattoo with a new one. However Chris struggles to find a good tattoo to fit her rear end. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: Subscribe to ink |


sMoKeGanja666 says:

lol the mind of a religious person i will never understand

evvync says:

You came here for the tatau?

TheCAPYNK says:

So what u saying is that u don’t believe in god

YeastInfectionMoreNo says:

it’s so crazy, i love it.

Homicide0 says:

Why not…. All those things seem to suck nowadays anyway

RemediesForColdSore1 says:

it’s so crazy, i love it.

howgetridofcoldsores says:

it’s so crazy, i love it.

pacrat90 says:

1:04 pornstar stance

saad halfya says:

seems legit…

saad halfya says:

0:56 that guy doesn’t care about the tattoo he just want to toutch DAT ASS!!!!

phen375u says:

Thanks for uploading

Otto Vogrincic says:


Dilo22 says:

That’s not a tramp stamp

Bradley Kustiono says:

if i were the receptionist, i will take her to the room, grab his ass 😀

ArtificialGrassX says:

it’s so crazy, i love it.

xColdSoreTreatmentx says:

it’s so crazy, i love it.

mohamed bouhia says:

i used to be religious so i got a tattoo…on my ass

Darta Pavulina says:

But the drawing the guy did was awesome. But not on the ass. 😀

revo956512 says:

tramp stamp buddy 😉

Scuba Steve says:

why the fuck would you get a religious tat on ur ass ….

VinceStanzionex says:

I love Yutube

kidzombi7 says:

How bout a loyus flower stupid..

Hisham Ayyash says:

I think she meant to say :Really-Jizz hahaha XD

jonaichigo1 says:

1:38 cara de puta jaja

nhsjobs says:


ianevans67 says:

1:05 beautiful piece of ass !

WhatDeFrock says:

LOL Amen

xiEvolutionGamer says:

She just wanted his dick

razmuuz says:

yeah, why is she a slut again?

juki0h says:

religion fucked up her ass, see what happens boys and girls, dont be religious or you do stupid things

Archibalt3000 says:

Seems to me that by watching this video just just screwed yourself.
Too bad, better luck next time partner.

novalux2012 says:



Avoid ungodly entertainment such as wrestling, boxing, pornography, non sense talk show, materialistic game show and all movies that glorify violence and spiritism. Avoid horoscope and the likes. Avoid the use of idols in worship of God such as those of the Catholic Abandon the pagan rooted celebration such as Christmas day, Do not lean on man such as priest and pastors for salvation (Isaiah 2:22) trust in the Lord with all your heart.


makkikwakki says:


Trent Lemkus says:

Bahahaha, yeah exactly! I will honor my devotion to god by tatooing a cross and his name on my ass! lol

詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします says:


rogan joshuar says:

fucking slag, i used to be a christian now im getting my ass out in a tattoo shop

67bowman says:

lol thats what she gets

Vnhelo says:

i just came here for the ass

GetRidOfColdSores1 says:

Terrific TV!

JustaMan1225 says:

i became atheist after leaving god , your pretty much saying i got hungry after i took a shit

Roblyn Coronado says:

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Will Hopfauf says:


alaa shawa says:

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

mrfree133 says:

to hit it or not to hit it?? id hit it!!

Interknetz says:

I’m Gods favourite toy! I wanted him to know that when he is doing me doggy style! He cheated on me, and now I want him out of my life.

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