Louis discusses the ‘Guardian Angel’ Tattoo he did on David Beckham and the 1st series of London Ink.
Former KoRn Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch drops by the shop to get a new tattoo and talks about how he split from the group. Watch LA Ink Thursday 12/11 @ 10/9c on TLC
Mit der Schöpfung des „Realistic Trash Polka” haben Volko und Simone der Kunst- und Tattoo- Welt ein Geschenk gemacht: Der Stil der Würzburger gilt als hoch innovativ und technisch perfekt. Er vereint realistische Motive in detaillierter Darstellung mit grafischen Elementen und Typografie. Die Umsetzung ist meist melancholisch, düster und manchmal verstörend. Der Buena Vista Tattoo Club ist längst eine Institution in der Szene. Das Webinar ist deshalb anders, als alles bisher Dagewesene! Volko und Simone stechen gemeinsam in einer 11 Stunden-Sitzung ein gigantisches Tattoo und vermitteln handwerkliches sowie kreatives Hintergrundwissen. Das Webinar und weitere Infos findet Ihr unter: webinar.tattoosoul.de
annahangtattoovn.com Epic Japanese style Koi fish/ water design full sleeve. Absolutely amazing work!
www.miamiinktattoodesigns.com the biggest tattoo gallery on the internet. In more than 60 categories you will find Tribal, Butterfly, Dragon, Star Tattoo Designs and more.
This is a documentary film about a Japanese legendary tattoo artist HORIYOSHI the THIRD. A brilliant insight to the man and his art, tattoo conventions and Ed Hardy!.
There’s more to getting inked than you think. Takahiro Kitamura — aka “HORITAKA,” apprentice to the revered master Horiyoshi III — is an author, prolific tattoo artist, and owner of San Joses State of Grace. He will deliver a talk on the time-honored art of Japanese tattoos, a rich culture of beauty, commitment, and history. See LIVE demonstrations of employing both traditional (no electric needles!) and modern techniques. Joining Horitaka’s diverse, talented crew of tattooists are special guests from Japan — Shige, a powerhouse tat artist who’s showcased all over the world; Mutsuo, who’s designed for Bathing Ape and Hysteric [More]
http://darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/tattoo-design Thank you for watching Alasdair’s latest tattoo design ‘Skulls & Roses’, Please share, embed and like this video if you enjoyed watching! To see more information on this project please visit http://darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/tutorials/how-we-design-a-tattoo This video was the first test for my new camera. For more information regarding unique personalized tattoo designs from Dark Design Graphics please visit the link at the beginning of the description. Music:‘The Empty World’ by Richard Stabler http://richardstabler.com please visit his site for more royalty free creative commons licensed music! Follow Dark Design Graphics:http://twitter.com/DDesignGraphicshttp://facebook.com/DarkDesignGraphics
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These Hollywood TV guys are really pains in the ass. Kat shows how chilled out she is. I wouldn’t be if I had jerks with cameras following me day in day out. I would probably be more like Alec Baldwin and bash them!