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One of the best photo realistic tattooist. See more at WWW.INKEDUP.TV


321Trooper says:

Seems like a really cool nice guy… and best tattoo artist I have ever seen.

slikkar says:

agree……….some of them even after relocate to a prof tattoo studio remain scratchers…it depends on talent……whether you got it or not. some tattooists are jelous and call beginners “scratchers”

brillowpad1 says:

@Goth3m3 I live in LA wish I could go to him, gonna cost tho! Big time

XplicitGlam says:

shit i hope im that good in 7 years.

ellinikorap says:

he is the best

Goth3m3 says:

Come to LA, he has a studio in the valley, you could do the whole thing over the weekend.

BlackJag92 says:

They are neuma;s though I recommend against them, he has swtitched to stigma rotary machines this last year, along with Nikko and most other artists…neumas do a shitty job with color

Headshothorror4488 says:

See Mike has tattooed at home also, is he a scratcher ? NO he is not cause he was clean and safe with it. Many started like a so called “scratcher” would, private or not its not legal but many many have and still do this

Tattoosafe1 says:

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INKfectious says:

I’m addicted to ink,Are you too?

LycanthropicArt says:

Damn, Mike is a REAL fucking artist. His work, to me, surpasses that of Nikko Hurtado — but I dig Nikko a lot too. Sweet tattoos!

– Wulf

onedropdesigns says:

Which machine does he use there?

lucy85021 says:

wow its amazing…… the BEST

the1oreo says:


tlh235 says:

the best…

kitoy18 says:


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