MATCHA: Japanese Tattoo at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

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There’s more to getting inked than you think. Takahiro Kitamura — aka “HORITAKA,” apprentice to the revered master Horiyoshi III — is an author, prolific tattoo artist, and owner of San Joses State of Grace. He will deliver a talk on the time-honored art of Japanese tattoos, a rich culture of beauty, commitment, and history. See LIVE demonstrations of employing both traditional (no electric needles!) and modern techniques. Joining Horitaka’s diverse, talented crew of tattooists are special guests from Japan — Shige, a powerhouse tat artist who’s showcased all over the world; Mutsuo, who’s designed for Bathing Ape and Hysteric Glamour; and Kazunobu Nagashima, a client of Shige who will proudly display his backpiece, which won a 2007 Milano Tattoo Convention award. In addition, dip into the world of Zen among ancient Samurai warriors through a guided tour of the galleries, learn about Japanese altars, sample teas by Ito En, soak up DJ Saiman’s aural offerings, enjoy a cocktail with friends, and much more.


Jansson33 says:

Yes, there is only one bald guy in the world.

gamopam says:

Which painter is that one from at 2:39 ?

gamopam says:


gamopam says:


ukgirlonce says:

woe is me….too bad i have lack of funds:(

inkhead5000 says:

Japanese tattoing is so incredibly inbeded in tradition, that it is s a petty that most people do not realize it!
It’s not just images on your body, but yet amazing cultural messages passed on, in an even more amazing art form, generation to generation for hundreds and hundreds of years.
Horitaka (Taka), Shige and Horitomo are (aside of incredible Master tattooers) good exemples of artists that deeply respect these traditions! Domo!!

asmodeux18 says:

I’m always in awe at the sheer amount of detailing that goes into some pieces. The idea of the body as a canvas and work of art is appealing to me. Breathtaking designs.

philip sanchez says:

–he is not. .es similar but no

cchacons says:

Looove this video

Troy D. says:

those japanese tattoos are the best.

emilywallnut says:

share the art of body tattoing is wonderful show your work..!!!!!!!!!!

al13forreal says:

i thought matcha was Traditional Green tea

inkhead5000 says:


violetart08 says:

wow. that dragon on that guys back at the end was amazing!

harleyghost says:

what beautiful artwork on these living canvases.

xX1AzNYoungstaXx says:

I thought that too for a minute, since yakuza leaders have full body tattoos just like that one guy in this vid


check out my art

Cody Felix says:


Chuloloc says:

Awesome. Amazing. Much respect for Japan.

Clarince1 says:

I’m gnna get a spiritual dragon guarding the heavens on a sunrise and in each hands cletches 2 orbs representing an everyday typical working being with japanese word of Honor and perserverance or for a fighter. Honor and Dignity  anyone that represents  hardworking, moneymaking prideful ppl get this tattoo on their back. Hand of the guardian protects you and your principles everyday

whiteninjaz88 says:

true, but if they were yakuza, they would be called yakuza not yakuzas, there’s no plural in japanese language.

jack604 says:

looks like a buncha yakuzas to me LOL

PhillipGuterez says:

I want to see the tatts not all this talking.

KH132 says:

i think so

koosdechauffur says:

now that you mention it, it does look like ami from miami ink.. not sure if its actually him though

jayjaythagreat says:

0:59 is that ami james??

thandieu222001 says:


hektattoo says:

great video!

pinglauwa says:

You mean the body suit? at least 25.000
If you want to to it the traditional way.

MusiciTV says:

Great Clip

Thanks for uploading

0totoro0 says:

Great Clip

Thanks for uploading

noin4mation says:

i was there!

RAYBODEN1985 says:

about 2 grand

sin1061 says:

Hey, I was there! =D

yaw1943 says:

wondering how much it cost for the whole back tattoo??

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