Mario Barth giving some Tips on Tattooing

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Mario Barth giving some Tips on Tattooing – Intenze Tattoo Ink – Painful

The design that Mario is working on is a bald eagle with shield. He offers some tips to tattooists that can help you be better at your chosen art-form.

Doing line work with a grey pigment rather than a black that is harder to blend in when doing shading.

Stretching the skin when tattooing is very important to keep the needle depth consistent, rather than the needle bouncing off the top of the skin or at different depths.

Go easy on the skin so you can build up colours if necessary.

and don’t forget the small details in the feathers to make it look more 3-D.


Apreciateifyoudidnt says:

In looking for my first apprenticeship, this is helping me not to look like a complete novice when I go to pick up my machine for the first time, THANK YOU

Jesse Ideker says:

mario barth kicks ass!!!

yellowink89 says:

Shit yeah! That looks amazing!! So helpful, too.

antoniocaldwell24 says:

he is an amazing tattoo artist if i could get an apprenticeship with him it would be AWESOME

antoniocaldwell24 says:

intenze ink is the best ink

csbullock1 says:

he’s using disposable tubes and needles

Gwansoon Lee says:

I really enjoy doing all types of Tattoos. There is a lot of competition out there , but if you are a reliable tattoo shop, you will get noticed fairly quick.

lucas vegvary says:

Any decent artist would be extatic to ba apprenticed by Mario hes a great artist step it up lill bitch

lucas vegvary says:

Well i was hoping to here back from him but obviously this is some kind of pussy on the other end who hates her life so got some advice for u hoe get a life and stop Make a response is old ass coments… step your game up bitchhhhh…. think about it itll make u a better woman

Laturbo says:

so you think he stumbles across your post on youtube and invites you over? lol … freak

30pinkpanther03 says:

he is austrian 😉

illagen1 says:

slightly overrated artist.

illagen1 says:

what kind of fruity fckin accent is that???

Joseph Funck says:

Awesome. Great video and a great tattoo.

Alaskain Prepper says:

Dam that was great tattoo

Trey Proctor says:


SoundOut260 says:

mario the God of Ink.! totaly amazing.

also i agree tazzbill ive watched him big on here some big pieces with no blood at all wow.

tazzbill says:

Thats how to put a tattoo in period!!!!…so smooth mario, great color blending, just a great job man, i noticed the skin is not a bloody mess, not red either just smoooooooooooth..AA+++

samsunus says:

What is the formula in his cleaning liquid?

lucas vegvary says:

Mario, Bro your art is increadible. My name is Lucas Vegvary, I Manage a tattoo shop in Vallejo CA, I was wondering if you apprentice any artist’s ? Tattooing is my passion I have been at it for 5 years. It would be an honor to work under a artist of your caliber. Please get back to me bro it would be huge for me.

Junior ibanez says:

Thank you so much Mario, I really like how you take your time to explain. greatly appreciated.

MerciaMuzikUK says:

yeh he’s TOP! 

93Rots says:

i like this dude you actually learn !

MzClementine says:

Bello!!! Wicked brilliant artist!!! You made that tattoo 3d… Bravo!!!

M0NSTERB00TS says:

Very helpful!

wolfi134 says:

Mario du bist der Beste

J1SMOKES says:

This guy is a great teacher … Nikko nitatto is also

hustletoit says:

when tattoing, do u clean ur needles, like between ur session, my needles get really dirty and spray ink sometiimes,?

thedeathmachine666 says:

prolly some distilled water to keep the top on the ink in the caps from dryin

Andrew Farmer says:

what did he spray on top of all the ink caps?


What prosses is done between colors “cleaning tube” do you use. I hear just a cup of water and some use a sonic cleaner.

Nubs926 says:

I read the title as “Mario giving birth while tattooing”
Dyslexia, wee.

marklethanarkle says:

like a boss!

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