London Ink – Louis Molloy David Beckham Tattoo

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Louis discusses the ‘Guardian Angel’ Tattoo he did on David Beckham and the 1st series of London Ink.


Angela Rhodes says:

My comments were not appreciated by Mr Molloy, who has let all this pseudo fame go to his head…………what a shame.

girlscome2me says:

come on divers pose? fair enough he might not be religious but if u see someone in that pose it would be the crucifixion


agreed 100%

TheRapidRatAssasin says:

London ink was a show for fucks sake,not a paying tattoo studio.

TheRapidRatAssasin says:

Fuck me that says it all the guys a fucking amateur,he aint in Louis class pal,he aint got the expierience and i doubt he ever will.

TheRapidRatAssasin says:

Yeah and who the fuck have you tattood that springs to mind,Louis CV speaks for its self,succes breeds contempt,i see green eyed monsters leaving comments on here.

TheRapidRatAssasin says:

David Becham went to louis not the other way around,he first tattooed me in 85 and my last piece was yesterday 9th july,the man is one of the best,if not the best tattoo artist in europe,the man has never been arrognt with me in fact he’s allwys been a gentleman,he’s a consumate proffesional,loud n proud he may be,arrogant not at all and over rated,your having a laugh,succes breeds envy,his CV speaks for itself.The chair was a prop for the programme.

Denis Mann says:

I don’t know Louis Molloy…but I wonder if anybody who wanted to say, ‘I am a very small person. I am a rude, offensive bigot. I have a tiny IQ. I have absolutely nothing pleasant or worthwhile to say…probably to anyone…and I am saying it far too loud. People in general will be all the poorer for having met me and read what I have written. And almost certainly speaking, if you meet me, I will lower your quality of life.
‘daftspeed’. Surely a man aptly named…

gr33nandpurpletictac says:

kok :P

LittleMissKristie22 says:

great tattoo but too full of himself

julietitaB says:

wauuu i love his art… it’s very nice…

rhcpkzi says:

fuck loui, annoying cunt doesn’t deserve to tattoo

wazzobazzo says:

“The classic pose that a diver strikes”…well he is a former MU player isn’t he? XD

Martin Devaney says:

i just wanna punch the cunt

Mellow9Productions says:

Surf over to Mellow9 page to watc 9 Scoops Lou Molloy – Keep it Mellow 9

LYOscouse says:

I got a portrait of my son from Louis molloy and personally thought he was an arrogant arsehole,i only went because of recomendations from others plus the tatto was shit too i had to go to my regular tattooist joy brookes from the wirral to get it fixed ,it’s all hype.

cxbra says:

I respect this guy a lot but I fill like his style is stuck in 1995 or something.. PLUS I didnt like David Beckhams tattoo at all, it looked very flat and borning.

daftspeed says:

im sure louis maloy is an arsebandit,and if he’s not he’s definatley a cock sucker,needs to get his head out of his own arse,f***kin arsehole

Damien Le Maistre says:

Yeah and an opinions an opinion something you can’t always change so be quiet

Damien Le Maistre says:

and the same to you too

ipodking77 says:

were is the video that i can watch him getting the tattoo

Stuwakley193 says:

they have that tattoo in nearly every studio :/

leen Alkhatib says:

stop talking -___-
i clicked on this video because i read the name david beckham.

agent254422 says:

I don’t I watched it one time

david m says:

lol don’t watch it then

agent254422 says:

London Ink sucks!!!

321Trooper says:

I’m sick of heariing this bloke TELLING everyone…. ‘I’m arguably the most talented and famous tattoo artist on the planet!’ (BS) I’m sick of hearing him dropping David Beckham into every fukin interview. He’s a good tattoo artist but nowhere near the top level in the industry worldwide!! If you want to see a real world class tattoo artist check out Shige of Yellowblaze Tattoo Studio or check out jeff gogue on youtube.. these are just a few that are a different class entirely this bloke.

cent1989 says:

she is amazin tho !

TheNigerianScammer says:

Hating bastards
I will kill you with single punch. And tattoo my shit on your chest,

Good tattoo david

fallingwatersnz says:

You’re one of those people who believe kat von d is the greatest tattoo artist in the world simply because shes on tv.. haha, I bet you also think that the boys from american chopper are the worlds best motorcycle builders. C’mon mate

mardisaurus says:

Damn straight! The only tattoo artist who has a right to be cocky is Kat von D, and is she? No. Because she’s amazing and humble.

loknloll says:

agreed. poor david. it’s amateur hour on his upper back forever.

DOGSAVAGE666 says:

spot on! Tattoo is not done well.

loknloll says:

i did not.
pretentious also applies, but i wrote presumptuous, because i meant presumptuous. i know most people who comment have grasp of neither diction or grammar, spelling or syntax, but i use the words i want to, everytime.
this guy is presumptuous as fuck, because he presumes inking david beckham makes him some sort of tattoo royalty, whereas i’ve simply seen him ruin peoples’ bodies. and he milks the beckham association way beyond what dignity should allow for…

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