Koi Fish Full Sleeve Tattoo by Anna Hang

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annahangtattoovn.com Epic Japanese style Koi fish/ water design full sleeve. Absolutely amazing work!


marwanmostafa63 says:


cesar gutierrez says:

hermoso !

hoang vu says:

đẹp quá

aw100626 says:


ForMetalWeWouldDie says:

thats cool as fuck…

ngaoxl says:

chi hang ko o VN dau

kieng ho says:

xam hinh it nhat cung phai z ai nhu dat tattuu . nhin hinh thi tom chet dc . ko bit dat tattuu ma nhin atr nay xam thi co ho then voi khach hang minh ko?

sobe Garcia says:


tran hung phong says:

ma s chj k dang s pon cua chj len vay chj?e muon xam ma k pjt ja ca s nua?xam o dau vay chj?neu chj pjt goi vao s pon cua e nha chj,e ten qui.0939807147

tran hung phong says:

e muon xam.0939807147

tran hung phong says:

dep qua chi oi,

tran hung phong says:

dep qa

nguyennhuha9 says:

dep ưa

Jansson33 says:

lol what?! haha omg

Jansson33 says:

lol what?! haha omg

Yekini Gariba says:

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briton36ify says:

porque para muinto os video

kaiyuan2893 says:

body fat % too high otherwise nice tatt

OrganicHoe says:

Permanent > 7 days.

Ares Rm says:

abla sen ne yaptın ya :S

TheLifesadream says:

hey, i am planning on getting a koi fish half sleeve and i wanted to know if bulking up would cause a drastic change to the tattoo?

carlos lopez says:

hermoso demasiado nice

Rrrino43 says:

needs to bulk up the arms to compliment the nice tatt

illustratedman11 says:

Why not get your own design, not something personal to someone else?

TheBdemba16 says:

looks funny how the guy goes from having no tattoos to a full sleeve. great tattoo nonetheless.

drkadijaaa says:

i have just half sleeve koi orange fish but full sleeve is cool

Mai huong Van says:

when you go to vietnam, at first, go to google, search: tattoo sai gon and choice

christopher rom says:

weird when tattoo artist dont have any tattoos

Francisco Antonio Escobar Patino says:

anna you are a great artist, i love the tattoo, i have 4 of them. a koi fish, a tribal dragon, my daughter face and my last tattoo was a fenix in my bag. your technique is amazing, greatings from Colombia,

scubaisthestevesk8 says:

That is beautiful!

Yoni123 says:

hwl ong did that take to make?

ryanwilliammac says:

just buy a fake sleeve tatoo for like 5 quid

Tito Brown says:

ok is here in USA good thanks

Readsville says:

Orange County

Mia Eddlemon says:

absoulutly beautiful work

edsouvan says:

…the name of the video is in vietnamese… get cultured.

Ricardo Mejia says:

Sweet nice work.

ador caballero says:

i like this tatoo

elguapotetigre says:

Heh, he looked pretty badass before all the pretty colors. Interesting that the tattooist isn’t all clad in tattoos. True artist!

Tito Brown says:

nice job ..where is they location ??????????/

AZTECK9291 says:

More then likely in japan

FiveStringBasser says:

cant wait to get my arm to be done..

MarketTeen says:

love this tattoo man no ho mo

OrganicHoe says:

Easily up to 1800-2300$ depening on how long time they spend and how much your tattoo studio charges an hour.

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