Incredible Color Portrait Tattoo Artists

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this is just a slide show of some of the best color portrait artists in the world, they are not in any specific order, Paul Ackers name comes up twice the second time it should actually say mike devries. also;the songs are by ” I set my friends on fire”


Buttnecks says:

Nice tats but i really loved the tunes..Who is that band!!

NewGameReleases says:

lmfao do people listen to this music HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yekini Gariba says:

I love tattoos. I came back from work the other day to see my girlfriend with her new tattoo on her back and she looked so beautiful. Are you looking for some of the craziest tattoos on the planet? These are some of the best websites I found on Google. Remove brackets in the link

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Anny Guedes says:

Bom de ver,horrível de ouvir,mas que merda de música é essa?Quanto mais inventam pior fica…

troy cworden says:

what the fuck has happend to metal

Mike Hunt says:

Who is the chick character with the spider web and flower tats on her face? There’s like 5 different pix of this character on the video? It’s interesting. And if she’s from a movie, sorry I didn’t see it, lol.

oscar lopez says:

Tht shit is the Illuminatti. I love the portriats tattoos.

InstrumentofPAIN says:

3zib & ys1337 STFU! 

TheMrCarstens says:

tattoo at 0:42 is amazing!

yaxure says:

Came for that tat’s stayed for the music!

boxofswagg314 says:

monster inc was awesome

cameron phillips says:

my ears..

MattsterFelix says:

Can anyone point me out to a great tattoo shop that i can get quality work like the video id appreciate the help 🙂 Any were in Southern california

scarface7142 says:

wtf couldnt u get better music but the tatts are insane


“Jesus fucking Christ”?.. You don’t sound any better than this music.

you1me1and1them says:

this music makes people kill other people it is devil music. you need to listen to music of jesus fucking christ.

bassisblissfull says:

hahahahaha couldnt have said it better, you got my thumbs up

xboxing1000 says:

The Music Is F*cking Scay:(

fishingdave567 says:

great tats and great music, love it, the music makes the tattoos, some people want robbie williams, jokers

Hollandia31 says:

Sick song,..

Mark Diaz says:

great tatts, shit for music


Music is opinion. Anyone is entitled to make music of any kind. And believe it or not, millions of people do enjoy this kind of music. Stop being hypocritical, and go fuck yourself!

MrPot420420 says:

i can’t even believe this is considered music. its fucking screaming. so fucking what if the “singer” has daddy issues. he needs to grow up and deal with his problems a different way other then blowing out my ear dumbs and turning my brian into mash potatos. 

slayslay23 says:

WTF!!! ahgkfdh;sdfga;fk;jsdfnbndfjbdufhiuahdjdfgn tattoos

wickedbeauty1 says:

This music is so shitty..ahahyahaha

xxxPinkyGSterxxx says:

Holy shit it’s Steve Harris at 3:39!! AAAAAWWEEESOOMMEE!!

nick mansell says:


TheLordYankee says:

0:17 Smeagol or Yoda??? lmao!!!!

MegaTacolover says:

fucking song killed it nigga

ctsurg says:

Nikko is the shit!

Prymelinx says:

Hey I like the music! Turned me onto something I’ve never heard before.

MrRaulie08 says:

fuck! next time you make a damn video dont add such horrible music. font make us suffer and listen to that music on your own time

XxFerretsGoBoomxX says:

omg! Kurt Cobain tattoo 6:16 is amazing!!!!!!

maylea mineyourbusiness says:

are any of these tattoo artist located in nyc cant find art like that here

tbrowniscool says:

golem one was pretty cool

3zib says:

Press mute before watching me!

OGRiversideTattoo says:

All great artist tho.

OGRiversideTattoo says:

Aferni and niko clearly the best.

range1one says:


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