How to Tattoo – Full

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Whilst these videos are available it is advisable to do an apprenticeship through a reputable tattooist. It is not adviseable to tattoo your friends and family as guinea-pigs as you could do a lot of damage.


Yekini Gariba says:

Are you looking for the craziest tattoos on the planet? These are the best websites I can find on the internet. Check them out!

Adamantios N. Lialioutis says:

Thats all wrong..!! don’t do as the video says..!

Gary Renauro says:

Do not take instruction from this guy seriously people. He has no idea what he is doing. FO REAL STAHP

gtnude says:

i found this and thought i’ll skip to the end to check the tattoo to see if this dude knows what he is talking about…… terrible tattoo, if any good artists was to come on to youtube they would at least do something worth looking at…. the shading is mud the lining not much better. you do have to learn your own techniques for what is best for you but you need to at least have the skill down 1st, if your not an artist 1st and foremost DO NOT! go anywhere near a tattoo machine

tattooremoving says:


Maciej Grzywna says:

Co to ma być !!!! Dziadostwo !

beatrixkiddo otti says:

scandaloso ed una vergogna per chi esercita seriamente questa professione.

DIONICHI327 says:

I wish i could “like” this comment a thousand times! FUCK THE SCRATCHERS!

DIONICHI327 says:

it shows that neither you or the artist you spoke to knew what you were talking about. If you don’t know the difference between gray wash and Gray colored inks, then YOU SHOULD NOT BE TATTOOING!!!!!

DIONICHI327 says:

Here’s some advice; give up, and leave this shit to the pros!

tabmart920 says:

You sound so gay

Amongstthorns says:

Any advice?

Amongstthorns says:

Very good thanks ..learnt a lot from this..
I’ve been told that diluting the ink for shading instead of using different gray colours is the wrong way… But I personally like your waybon this video… I find it would be easier to blend the grays as you did it on the video than actual gray shades… My tattooist did it the other way and I can tell its not blended to well… I asked him to do it by diluting and making the shades your self as on the video but he refuses to do it that way..


Mitä vittua

ShadoWGlideR1 says:

I am now a professional! Thanks! this video is now gonna help me make thousands of dollars!


Ragtan06 says:

That was a waste of an Hour

Ragtan06 says:

Dude you need to learn how to tune your fucking machines…Jack Ass!!!

Ragtan06 says:

you gotta keep it Sanitation! lol…Dumb Ass!

Dannyj63 says:

I understand he is trying to help newbies out, but his lines are weak and very crooked! the first thing an apprentice needs to learn is STRAIGHT LINES! To say what he did “Im not worried about the lines not being straight” is a bad habbit to teach.

jagertjuh says:

Its ugly!!!

27lolcatz27 says:

det-tol ahhahahaha the funniest thing ever! u can get thata anywherehere in england! any shop will do it as we use it all the time and its said qiuickly dettul or if u r american dettle

Brunerzzzz says:

I hope you havent had to spell BASIC on anyones tatto before. 😐

Hunter Hubbell says:

lol great sounding machine hillbilly…

17coop17 says:

to comfisate??? you mean compensate…

yomamasayshey says:

And get a virus for free.

fatmanandschizard says:

After this hour long video, I totally can go out and do this myself, in my own home… for sure.

chaosdriven1 says:


tattooedpig says:

and you have really shaky lines

tattooedpig says:

i have been tattooing professionally for four years now and three of them in my own studio and i learned the basicks from internet…

tattooedpig says:

guy has a huge arm and you put too small tribal on it?

Nick Ortega says:

Free viruses too??

Aburiedkingdom says:

Dude, there is nothing you can’t learn on the internet. EVERYONE think that the craft they learned is harder than everything else. Stop acting like tattoing is as hard as being a fucking astronaut.


@Andrew Roddey Yeh i couldnt agree more with you. i went and spent 20$ on a regular machine at a pawnshop and it has gaven me better tattoos then my 300$ machine i got made by a famous artist and made with all this fancy shit .

iedanus says:

first a real tattoo artist does’nt put these type off vids. on the internet.
he does’nt want you to fuck up yourself or others with but ugly tattoo’s.
it takes lots of practice to control the machine.
how to use the different needels. how to use a shader without cutting somebody.
a proper tattoo artist knows how to build his own machine.
don’t go messing arround yourself. just get a good tattoo from an artist who does know what he’s doing. its for the rest of your life you know.

tonio5840 says:

@jkjeonj Yup this website is just giving out free White Apple iPad 4’s for today only. You do have to be living in the U.S though but it’s all real, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up!


Andrew, make a video and show me how to properly tune my machine…seriously. I have several that I need help with. I can’t figure this out. Also on my page there is a vid of a machine, maybe you can tell me who made it…let me know

Andrew Roddey says:

You my friend are stupid!!! 80% of pros started out as scratchers. Go to conventions and just about most of the people you will talk to will tell you they started out in their house!

Andrew Roddey says:

Thats not true at all!! I am a tattoo artist. I own $20 machines and $300 machines and to be honest the cheap machines i own some of them work better then the expensive ones.

migueloconner says:

Hey i do tattoo work but som ppl want tattoo n the face but i tell there no


My advice would be learn the science and BUILD YOUR OWN MACHINE


I truly believe that the entire industry has its secrets, even tattoo distribution centers. If u notice, top notch machines can ONLY be purchased by licensed artists and shops, what does this tell you? The shit non licensed artists are “allowed ” to buy will NEVER produce shop quality tats. Its also designed for unlicensed artists to keep buying equipment, thinking that their choice of machine or spring was why their work didnt turn out right. Think about it


But I disagree, it doesn’t match his arm well. The tribal was intended to fill the entire top shoulder and the very bottom would end about an inch abovr his elbow. But I agree with ot was the clients final decision



MrMitchellHundred says:

everything’s round on this guy, it matches fine. plus it was the client’s decision so.

deadbolt9019 says:

cant wait to start scratching out of my kitchen!

Peter Vanderpool says:

So then, what do you do when all of the tattoo shops in your surrounding area are not accepting apprenticeships? Do you simply just not try to gain knowledge?

Let’s be realistic about this. Some of the most recognizable artists in the world didn’t attend schooling for it. The same with some of the iconic tattoo artists. They didn’t have the ability to get an apprenticeship, and sought to learn of their own volition.

Cash Parish says:

Glad you put a video so aspiring artist have an idea about the procedures of tattooing.

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