How to Minimize the Pain of Getting a Tattoo

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Some sound advice to prepare yourself before you get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo will never be a walk in the park, but it can be less painful if you take a few simple precautions

Howcast brings you experts who provide accurate information in easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from makeup, hairstyling, nail art design, and soccer to parkour, skateboarding, dancing, kissing, and much, much more. Step 1: Go to a licensed tattoo artist who sterilizes their equipment and uses disposable needles and gloves. The discomfort of getting tattooed is nothing compared to the pain of getting an infection from it. Step 2: Schedule your tattoo for the morning. This is when your pain tolerance is highest, thanks to peak levels of adrenaline, a hormone that helps us endure pain. Step 3: Wear loose clothes, especially if they are going to be covering your new


Dexter Kirby says:

actually i would not recommend to using a topical anesthetic, I went to a very good tattoo shop and they do not recommend using and numbing cream because it swells the skins so after you get your tattoo or skin goes back to normal and can leave lines untrue. another thing is ppl can go into shock after the cream wears off from the sudden pain

Dexter Kirby says:

where have you got your tattoos on your body, just wondering? Like I have a pretty high pain tolerance and have had some major injuries and just recently got a tattoo on the whole inside of my bicep, definitely was not enjoyable by any means, especially by the elbow and armpit

TheNextAvrilLavigne says:

I’m 22 and I’m planning to my get my third tattoo but I have a VERY low pain tolerance. I got my first one done when I was 19 and I was screaming and crying at the same time due to my sensitive skin.

sarahthemonkey67 says:

Step one drink a ton of alcohol.

There is no step two…

MrDeverius says:

LOL tattoos aren’t even painful… people always just blow it completely out of proportion, this entire video could be summed up by “stop being a pussy”.

KyxoTheTroll says:

i am getting my first tatt in a day or two >_< 

YoureInMyWorldNow says:

wtf? democrats are more likely to have tattoos, than republicans or independents.. yeah, okay.

kiofish7 says:

Where the last part come from…who cares

krista Goodluck says:

that thing was tiny af haha

RylieJaye397 says:

Ibuprofen can thin your blood. I learned that from an actual tattoo artist.

Savannah Carden says:

Thats why they said “non-aspirin”. Non-aspirin pain relievers dont thin your blood.

RylieJaye397 says:

Actually, you aren’t supposed to have any kind of pain reliever within 24 hours of a tattoo appointment. It thins your blood. Ibuprofen, aspirin, or whatever you use will thin the blood and make you more likely to bleed.

HoennMaster says:

Well of course Democrats are more likely to have them…we aren’t as uptight. 🙂 😛

jazzypurple2003 says:

lame ass tattoo…

mmarleneful says:

That was the gayest tattoo ever.

SkrillexBB says:

She was hot. :)

RylieJaye397 says:

Don’t forget eat something sugary directly before to avoid vomiting or passing out! Is it bad that I’m 12 and I know this?

payne q says:

Just smoke a L and you will be fine.

texasbmx246 says:

What kind of panties did she have on?

badbri t says:

got my chest done and it wasnt to bad till the end

badbri t says:

that might make you think about it more and sometimes makes it worse~!~!at least for me it did~!

MeggerzRamone says:

he forgot to say weed.

myfashionjournal says:


toni wangui says:

wtf. thats what she got. you wont even feel shit.

Angelo Kiti says:

i usually just smoke pot before a session. i call it the session before the session.

MagicBradley says:


meadhbh6 says:


his voice is high

damansky11 says:

I wonder what that girl would do about the pain if she ever had a child….what a joke,lol.

WAFishOn says:

Step 1, not on the pussy

Steski24PS3 says:

She’d get it.

cristal diaz says:

huge ass fuss for that small tattoo -___-? i got my sleeve done and my facial expressions were no where like hers.

Cameron Forrester says:

let’s schedule our whole day to get a 5 minute tattoo haha…

BlackPowerfoLife says:


PidgeonSprout says:

LOL if the pain is too painful stop and ask for an anesthetic ? That girls getting a tattoo the size of a penny

nielsenb17 says:

she had a rack on her!

allshallperish1100 says:

I’m gonna get my side done

ilovecats5270 says:

step 1: dont be a wimp and take it like a man

vernon postell says:

I’m independent and I’m tatted -___-

taniyahunt44 says:

Do they hurt like wear she got hers but the whole stomach

DopeRefer says:

Weed and Beer you will be fine

quackimaduck000 says:

lol XD she took all those measures of pain relief for that tiny thing??

nedre white says:

Lol @0:28 tell me why hes getting at girls on Facebook! ;P

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