Horiyoshi III – Ink Across the Sea

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This is a documentary film about a Japanese legendary tattoo artist HORIYOSHI the THIRD. A brilliant insight to the man and his art, tattoo conventions and Ed Hardy!.


pinglauwa says:

The fact that he does it DIRECTLY onto the skin is simply amazing.. Not ONE mistake can happen.. Most people need to draw a design, start over, copy it to the skin and tattoo after that. He just goes right ahead and does it.. INCREDIBLE!

sgtkeroro78 says:

You’re right.
Somebody said “a lot of people get full body tatoo just cause they like the way it looks” isn’t true.
Having full body tatoo limits your social life in Japan.
The kind of tatoo is symbol of yakuza guys.
People wouldn’t see them as “Katagi”.

Aziaanx says:

i hope i can save up enought money to get a sleeve by horiyoshi before he retires =/

Aziaanx says:

probably not, yakuza members arent the only ones with full body tattoos now, a lot of people get full body tattoos just cause they like the way it looks

Ome99 says:

i am sure these are yakuza guys

wiew666 says:

Hi, I have a question for Horiyoshi design ?

I saw Affliction brand use Horiyoshi design. i want to know if Affliction buy or have the right for copyright and nobody can use or not?

Thank you

IAmKingHomey says:

haha well if ur lucky enough to get a date ( what is close to impossible cause of his physical condition) than waiting time shouldnt matter to you. but were talking about years of waiting here. there are other great tattoo /irezumi masters in japan aswell . we even got on in germany his names is Alex Reincke/Horikitzune he was one Horiyoshi-sama s pupils.

halwil03 says:

u got any ideas what the waiting time on this guy would be?

marky838 says:

if i win the lottery, first thing i will do is fly to Japan and get a tattoo done by horiyoshi!!!!!! Shit’s expensive but worth every penny!

IAmKingHomey says:

well thats one of my dreams aswell hes amazing and his art is undescribeable i want my whole back with a huge Fudo Myoo with flames infront of a temple money is less a problem the real problem is gettin a date almost impossible

chisspa777 says:


mikijapajapa says:

YOKOHAMA HORIYOSHI*** thats real fresh***
thanks this video. sOo ROCKING!!!

dudocius240sx says:

i am dying to see the rest of this video… as a tattoo junkie, one of my dreams is to get a piece by Horiyoshi san

framedinblood02 says:

This is the first time ive seen this man at work, having read about him countless times.

chasesunlight says:

Shu Ha Ri

0totoro0 says:

Great video thanks for uploading



Mo Nguyen says:

the real deal.

lepimp35 says:

a true master

cousintom19 says:

dont stop u are my muse DX.

never stop

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