Horiyoshi III – Haku

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Watch the master at work.

horiyoshi-traditional japanese tattooing Horiyoshi-3 the greatest Irezumi artist in the world, working on the earlier stages of my left chest and arm piece.


Rikud0S3nnin says:

it’s the ancient form of tattooing, tebori

kabaara says:

Aaah shit dude… 1:46 right on your collar bone man, fuck I know that felt great…

SicSeb says:

Wow, that’s wicked! You must be a proud monkey or what? =)
I’ve got a sleeve with a drawing from Horiyoshi III from his book 100 Demons. I love his work.

resesde684651674 says:

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yuikayuikaaoyama says:

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kyoukokyoukooo says:

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oiernoirhj says:

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Kirio1984 says:

simply awesome

wantthat1 says:

i do not just like this, I love this

metahypnose says:

the guy looks dead… I think he is sedate (under sedative)… I totally understand why! LMFAO!!!!

alex666493 says:

because some shades can only be achieved with that tool. Plus, he does the outline with a machine

TattooMarvel says:

what an honor to get a tattoo from him, I envy you haha.

CrabClawBand says:

Older people with tattoos, I love it.

sailxonxmusic says:

Dude, wtf..

salserope87 says:

go on google.com select language tools and after select transalte a web page, set up the orginal (japanese) and your (english)

smik01100 says:

Hey man” yeh i would consider alex reinke aka horikitsune his studio is no longer running apparently he is on the road travelling. Check out his website.

deadredd10 says:

i wanna get a irezumi but how much do they cost and i was thinking of trying his son or his german apprentice holifox

smik01100 says:

Yoshihito Nakano, San-Daime Horiyoshi, true legend.

tehwombat says:

i think the outline is the only thing he does use a machine for

evilnhate says:

How did he do the outline? was it with the same brush?

Soloproject3x says:

I would love to get a tradional irezumi tattoo from Horiyoshi! I bet it was a great honor getting that one. The pain is worth the gain to have art on yourself from Horiyoshi.

zamant88 says:

How to Tebori artists first get the outline done? Do they use the machine for the outline, and then the tebori way for colouring?

redazi says:

why all this shit

AlTarik says:

one big question…does it really hurt?

Element4LifeAKATurco says:

how much did you pay? how did you get to him? can you pm me telling me a brief description of the whole story?

fascinating and most amazing work! congrats!

thaliemiel says:

we are way far from the 20 or so mn per piece they seem to do in la ink … this is not a cashing machine !
Such dexterity, precision, softness and grace in the gesture, I’d love to get a tattoo in the japanese traditional way, there’s a different and deeper connection between the actors themselves and the piece.
How many hours did it take to realise your tattoo(s) ?

hannya77 says:

The best way to become a great Tattoo for a hole Life !!

Horiyoshi III is the greatest !!

1eu2tu says:

Ganja black box in the backround ,whats that?

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