Hildbrandt Tattoo Training / Apprenticeship DVD

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http://www.tattoomachineequipment.com Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment in collaboration with Ron Phelps of Addicted to Tattoos and the show Tampa Ink, brings you …

Don’t rely on videos on the internet, seek professional apprenticeships from licensed tattooists.


tevita vikilani says:

oh ok, thank you for the help, i guess i’ll just wait untill im 18 then,
just to be safe

tevita vikilani says:

great video, knw any website where they have like the whole tutorial of how
to do everything?

inkedlynx says:

Good stuff love the tips! Respect Hildbrandt.

xma1231994 says:


Gwansoon Lee says:

I really enjoy doing all types of Tattoos. There is a lot of competition
out there , but if you are a reliable tattoo shop, you will get noticed
fairly quick.

DEMF8773 says:


rap112856 says:

rille 69 I’ll cut my hair once you grow yours long i don’t like looking
like a clone. I like to look different than everybody else which is boring !

shendersonx500 says:

Type in my name and it i tell u how to make a pain wepon and how to make a
shank a handle and one place to get the metal from

t0mcos says:

Hehe. 3:20

rille69 says:

video would improve with a haircut =)

LoriTheGorey says:

What weight do you use with the rubber bands? I’m not sure if it was said
in the video or not; if it was, I didn’t catch it.

Chrissy Couper says:

what happened to one line one stroke? lol

bane bukowski says:

i actually bought the valsturd kit that comes with 6 machines and couldn’t
be happier with them and everything else that came with it,good buy and i
recomend it to anyone else as well

Joakim Nylander says:

Great vid 🙂

samstterhamstteer says:

what kind of machine is that?

DamionChrist says:

Business in the front, party in the back… and sides!

chasity clack says:

cool dude

farsticky says:

dig the mullet, he rocks it!!

blindskater1029 says:

murderface with long black hair, down

Nevexi says:

im a tattoo apprentice and i need to know everything about outlining for my
first week can you do me a vid about outlining? would be much appreachiated

J.R.M. 6228 says:

Dude you look like Murderface

Justin Evans says:

Im thinking of buying this training kit aswell!

MobiusBandwidth says:

every one says make sure not to bump the needle tips when you’re loading it
into the tube, they should be screaming that. it’s SO easy to mess them up.
then they can turn into little hooks that will tear up your client’s skin.

badbri t says:

kool,,i been tat n for about 10 months,self teaching,,using myself as
practice body…

Adam Kwiecinski says:

thanks for the useful video guys, appreciate it.

jakemackay101 says:

this is pritty much how i learnt to tattoo just watching vids and
practiceing on myself…tattooists in aus think tattooing should be a
f@&kin secret,

HildbrandtTattoo says:

Shoot us an email and our support staff will be able to assist you. Our
email is located on our website, google Hildbrandt and our site is the
first one there. We are not allowed to post emails and websites in this
comments section.

inkdoesabodygood says:

@LuckSta87 it did help alot


it should’nt be a secret, backyarders just need to know safe sterilization
otherwise you are no better than heroin junkies spreading AIDS and
hepatitus ALPHABET! stupid fucks!

dakota baeta says:

is it true you have to pay for apprenticeships?

D. Scott Whitaker says:

@aarontbradley1 I just bought the pro kit with the training dvd and
instructional books from Hiildbrandt for $210 bucks on-line, thats
delivered. I am glad to here somebody comment that it is a decent,
reliable, machine. I have always been somewhat of an artist and not to
shabby at sketching up some pretty wicked tattoo ideas. I am worried
somewhat that drawing with the machine will be way different than with a
pencil. Did you find this transition hard? (from pencil to gun)

tattooedguitar says:

man i have a hildbrandt marlin machine i have 2 i got 2 years ago that i
set up for lining and shading and they are the best i ever had, compared to
a $400 machine i have, and the marlins make it look like a generic machine
, i love my machines.

adaddyjuice says:

sweet fuckin mullet bro!

HildbrandtTattoo says:

Those are Hildbrandt machines.

melavond says:

love this. thank you!

HildbrandtTattoo says:

There are plenty of good videos on Youtube Tevita. However, there are some
pretty bad ones too. If you need the full length video of this one, we do
sell them on our website along with other DVD’s that may be helpful to you.
Just google Hildbrandt Tattoo and you’ll find our website!

macsalbitch says:

a bro smoke another one.

tatt2toou says:

Ive been slinging ink for 18+ years and own 2 shops i have hildbrandt and
time machines and honestly they do the same work and at a 150 less id say
go for the hildbrandt..and if ya have questions ya dont get answered from
these videos email me ill answer any questions you have.
tatt2toou@gmail.com im sick of these newbees get a year under thier belt
and talk to people like shit..im self taught with just a few pointers from
artist friends and ill smoke any of you youngsters anyday

SpiritGirlSF says:

Wig disguise so he won’t be recognized! No, seriously it was just brought
to my attention today about the “Tattoo Learning School” which sent me
here, I had no idea that there would be so many videos about tattooing! You
are teaching for free, the school charges close to 5 grand for two weeks
and who knows what is going on out there in the apprenticeship world these
days, cleaning toilets and giving the owner/teacher half of what you make.
Is all part of the world of Tattooing….

bee reece says:

Where can i purchase one of these kits?

Harleyd36 says:

i have been laying ink for 3 years ans I do the same. Always good tricks
and tips are welcome

LuckSta87 says:

Thanks, Im in learning and I find it hard as no one wants to help these
days.. this video helped.. Thanks alot, appreciate it.

RR Moran says:

thanks you very much!

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