Helen Williams getting inked by Nikole Lowe

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Nikole Lowe tattooing is beautiful and creative. It goes to show what a tattooist can create if you give them the chance. Nikole doesn’t do your everyday tattoos they are unique and thoughtful.


stellalush1 says:

Seriously Helen, you got some balls, one sitting! Simply beautiful. You both have my upmost respect ….I definately need some work done by Nikole…(or Filip Leu)…(Dreaming!)

rickydyy says:

all in one sitting! damn
i would’ve fallen asleep lol

LeiaAlexis says:

I love Nikole !! She seems so nice !! I well want a tattoo from her 🙂

MRjenkins1246 says:

i forget what its called…. but when you cant stop moving?…. either adhd or that other condition…….hmmmmmmmmm

xopenheartx says:

Absolutely stunning tattoo by Nikole, Helen is so lucky!

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