Guy Freaks Out Getting a Tattoo

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Stephen gets a Tattoo. Is this real or not? See what you think. Personally I wouldn’t trust a tattooist that only had one visible tattoo himself.


Cathal Gibson says:

thats why you should not get a tattoo

TheLemonVampire says:

Thank you for filming this and showing the world what a ginormous weenie Stephen is.

gigga97 says:

This kid is an idiot….This better be fake

TheSamuel1000 says:

wel… bad parents

koryguns says:

Time to do the throat!

Lloyde Ogden says:

What a giant vag…

WiggyWarriorI says:

This retard needs a bullet.

kivatron190 says:

stephen said not to touch him …. 😛

starex5555 says:


1993tiffanylynn says:

I can’t believe he’s the same age as me and he’s acting like a freakin 8yr old….so sad

jweav93 says:

Fucking faggot.

IchiigoSkye says:

The Hell xD I got 3 tattoos and only the one on my hip hurt. Try getting a chest tattoo and a frigging inner arm tattoo lets see who crys more =w= a Girl or a guy

SpenyEatShitKenysGod says:

No tattoo artist has that kind of patience to do that for 3 hours . must be fake sorry

Jessica Smith says:

hes most likely autistic and if hes not he needs to be drop kicked and sent to military school

sam robinson says:

do not pi**off ur tattoo artist whilst he is working u will regret it lol

Rick1885 says:

Steven is a pussy.

grant cottrell says:

bullshits so fake he was the kid on tosh.0 its so fake and dumb and that doesnt look like a real tattoo artist

nesa jonesy says:


Thats a nice way to tell someone “Please stop touching me”

Dovahkiin188 says:

Everybodies different… I guess.

Emily Cope says:

They do if its on that part of the arm!!

willyoueatmyshorts1 says:

What a child. 

urasalmongirlright says:

if you take away the video, this sounds like my first sexual encounter

Redfield199 says:

well you gotta keep in mind that steven hates it when people touch him 😛 so that’s probably why he didn’t stretch the skin lol

Assassin8erated says:

Stephen: Okay, go… AAAAH STOP IT!

PyroOfZen says:

duhh, this is the original youtube channel that posted that video. Look at the first vid.

magma0555 says:

just got trolled bt some douche watches this video yo troll go fuck your self

SparticusNova says:

Hey, did you guys realize that he wouldn’t let him touch his skin? Let alone stretch it? I’m not FULLY convinced this is fake.

SeattleMommyMDE says:

Wow his brother sure has perfect teeth!

kellikellkelz says:

his mom probably had to pay the tattoo artist like 2 Gs just to deal with him haha

llllThatGuy309llll says:

What kind of tattoo did he get

Zach Anderson says:

2:15 “I can’t sit there for free threakin’ hours doin’ that!”

Dylan Ray says:

What a pussy… Get a rib tattoo you whiny little bitch.

aeagleuo1 says:

what are you a fucking youtube investigator? its halarious to watch this kid whether its fake or not. so STOP spoilin everybodys shit… fucking buster.

AppleVSApple125 says:

what the fuck is his problem, what a pussy

Theo Whitehurst says:

kidz a db 

SuperMEEMEE2000 says:

i am 14 years old and i got a tattoo in the sme place and it didnt hurt….. owh by the way im a GIRL!!!!

ricky pierce says:

I have two tattoos and honestly the didn’t hurt it was about as painful as getting a little pinch. I have one on my wrist and one on the inside of my lip and neither of them hurt. My girl friend has a total of 4 and she didn’t think they hurt either .
this guy needs to chill…

SingleDude14 says:

That’s the same kid that freaked out on Tosh.O about the World of Warcraft account being cancelled. Then he preceded to shove a remote is in ass. That video was fake along with this one.

Maddie Jackson says:

oh so the tattoo came naturally ??? 

kaykayputu says:

Yeah, it is fake, they did an interview with his mom, Stephen actually comes up with all of the freakouts

jamezenoable says:

this pissed me off. what a lil pussy -.-

Carterb211 says:


TheMaximillion987 says:

That kid is little bitch, my girls got nine tats and she still wants more.

Maylynn Ng says:

WHAT a dickhead!

flaschensammler4life says:

lol, doesn’t even look good, what a fucking pussy. And why is his mom laughing ? This isn’t even funny… Something is really freaking wrong with that kid and they should really tell a doctor about it …

DeathBlowProjecT says:

How do you know he didn’t stretch it first?

David Cassity says:

WOW i feel bad for the guy giving the tattoo LOL

cherryfirebird says:

asburger? Why not just ass-burger? made my day ^^

evaleighgg says:

Ive watched quite a few of these videos n im wondering if this boy is either a high functioning autistic or asburgers patient or maybe has some sort of chemical inbalance that heightens his emotions too much. Because it is not normal for a person without these things to act this way over things like this. And if he does have something wrong with him it is not ok to make him the target of others entertainment.

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