Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : How to Keep Tattoos From Fading

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The best way to keep a tattoo from fading is keeping it out of the sun or by applying SPF to the artwork whenever outside. Learn about the advances made in tattoo ink and equipment for keeping a tattoo fresh, such as sunblock, from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on body art. Expert: Brandon Bond Contact: Bio: Brandon Bond was voted Artist of the Year in 2005 at the South Florida Tattoo Convention. Filmmaker: Sheldon Bradley


808sebastiNm says:

Yep that’s true

808sebastiNm says:

My tattos come out good now

MopacMurtaza says:

How did it work out?

808sebastiNm says:

Yeah I no ink is different hard too keep clean allways fade no kan

74District says:

just get a real fucking tattoo

sebasaadi says:

is there any temporary tattoos that could last a year or more ?

FanFavor says:

” Not from the tattoo, Dont get me wrong ;D”

shanaklover1 says:

What if I want to get a tattoo in my upper chest will that hurt by upper chest I mean near the heart

303HANZ says:

hey every one i need ur guys help i got my tattoo 4 days ago and its turning blue im puting a and d that cream what do i need to do ????????????????

MrSilentBudd says:

fuck you tina fay

jonadrian619 says:

The name’s Bond. Brandon Bond.

ninjafox181 says:


dahighbar says:

My last tattoo was 12 years ago, is he saying it will be less painful?

404Slimm says:

he did 8 of my tatts down here in atlanta

404Slimm says:

he did 8 of my tatts down here in atlanta

hitthecouch says:

Use sunscreen like the man says. If the white does fade then you can always get it touched up.

brittanyS123 says:

i wanna get a tatto of a bird i was named after, but the bird has white cheeks, (the birds called Bulbul if you wanna search it up) i heard white fades faster then other colors and i do go tanning alot so i just wanted to get your opinion on what i should do, like if theres anything i can do to keep the white color in. /:

coldpizzarules says:

atlanta georgia
all or nothing tattoo shop.

matties88 says:

all or nothing in atl ga

staybrutal19 says:

his shirt says all or nothing tattoo and piercing, so im guessing thats it haha

theimpossibledenied says:

Brandon effing Bond… know this. Check him out, All ot Nothing Tattoo

Tylor Slack says:

This was actually a good expertvillage video 😀

budkiskaimana says:


KingzKid24 says:

He looks like the white version of dave chappell

LacobrigusRomanicus says:

I want him to do me a tattoo!

PresLeeD says:

Guys dope.

TheAmazingScotsman says:


crispynatertots says:

im sure its been answered , but its called ‘all or nothing’ and its in 2 different locations in georgia. atlanta and smyrna? not sure on the spelling. he is an award winning artist named brandon bond…google that shit

xxrangepkftw says:

this guys a fucken boss!

blazer2623 says:

 its in atlanta

entwurfdreizehn says:

I got a tattoo on my calf on saturday, and its a skull with shading only about 5cm x 5cm, i’ve been cleaning it, but it looks faded in the shading, is this normal?
Also I have been going to the gym every 2 days

LindaIsGreen says:

he’s awesome

SimplesEasy says:

i hat esun bathing and my first tatto is going on my shoulder so im good

Simon Norén says:

Im getting tattooed today =)

F1ips1d3rz says:

this guy sounds like hes baked.. But hes real to what he says..

Eric Davis says:

this might be the only expertvillage guy who actually knows what he’s talking about..

philipanakwue says:

i dont know much about tattoists but i know that this dude KNOWS whats hes talking about and…..
everyone with a tatto should watch his vids!!

datrizz says:

My mom got her tattoo done at his shop. Very awesome place & the best shop in the Atlanta area. I can’t wait to get mine done!

lonelywolfy says:

this guy is awsm!!!

dangerfeild32 says:

That dude is so fukin kool.

juandiegobm says:

lolol says a guy whose youtube account is “Ritalynn666”, besides pot really? a drug? have you heard about the freedom festival?? more than 10 THOUSAND PEOPLE get together in toronto to burn up!! anyway man. it was just a comment i made more than a year ago. I’m really Sorry for offending u with that comment. My sincere apologize, now u can stop complaining 😀

Ritalynn666 says:

you’re trying to brag about doing drugs on the internet, that makes you a tool box.

juandiegobm says:

you’re a tool

Ritalynn666 says:

you/re a tool

jmwintenn says:

i watched all their vids with this guy,i wish he was in my area,he rocks

Night333Walker says:

Oh that was one of my problems….when i see all those 70 yrs old guys with their 70yrs old misty tattoos i really begin to worry how are my tattoos goin to look like one day….
I like this guy! 😀

GordonFr33man says:

he’s cool n funny to listen to

YchiiT says:

he’s got style ^^ funny guy

ozzy793 says:

wheres this guy’s shop? I want to go there for my tattoo he seems hell professional and seems to know his shit

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