Full Body Tattoos

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Exisit body art, or a proud display of organized crime connections? In Japan, full-body tatooing rises from dubious origins to artform. See All National Geographic Videos video.nationalgeographic.com


salvatore stephen Enario says:


ClassySkating says:

why go to all that trouble for something noone else will ever see? because tattoos are for the wearer. only 18 year old bimbos and douchebags get tattoos just so others will compliment them

Bogdan Blyshchyk says:

they will have health problems from tattooing so many tats on their backs. their kidneys r gonna get fucked up becuz sweat gets trapped nd cant be excreted

pellepaska100500 says:

I believe that when they said that those kinds of tattoos are associated with Yakuza, walking out in the open showing them around without being a member will get you noticed and you will pay the price for imposing.

pellepaska100500 says:

I believe when that those kind of tattoos are associated with Yakuza, and if you walk out on the open showing them without being a memeber of Yakuza you will quite definitely pay for it.

DevilKeyz says:

I never said all. I said most lol.

Boris Grifo says:

hmmm true

DrCuddlesPhd says:

and some cultures do c:

DrCuddlesPhd says:

It’s just opinions, his appears to differ from yours

you222ber says:

Wouldn’t the Yakuza get really upset if they saw a non Yakuza wearing one of their patterns or symbols?

Boris Grifo says:

i’m not sure that is something to be proud of

uswajohnson says:

Lebronfanfifa – it is not a pot leaf. It is a Japanese maple leaf.

yep69d says:

Getting a full body tattoo is a TOTAL waste of your body. Thumbs me down.

elmariachistar says:

This is so fucking awesome I wish I could afford that!

Warsocks Williams says:

That is just a way too screw up your body I will never do that

DevilKeyz says:

well certain cultures have different meanings for tattoos. Most cultures don’t just get tattoos because they look badass

Rick Thomas says:

I’m planning on getting one hopefully this week I’ve been planning it for about 2yrs now I can’t wait

Danny Brown says:

Anyone else see the marijuana leaf tattoo at 3:22 hell yeah

GoodByeCold says:

yakuza ^^!

Roushh44 says:

its about being low key, the whole point of hidding the tatts

jaggagill88 says:

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CCowie123 says:

when I’m old and have lots of tattoos, ill hang with other cool old guys with tattoos and chill beards, u enjoy being in ur Old folks home

TK931112 says:


LemurPhilipp says:

hiding is just tradition…they dont need to hide it cuz yakuza-organisations r legal in japan

LemurPhilipp says:

fuckin sick !

TattoosByHamilton says:

Bad ass!!

nguyen huu tin says:

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Hervert Galarga says:

If normal tattos hurt. Imagin this ones OmG.

MrLisztomaniac says:

This traditional method gives the artist more freedom in the control of colour and makes the ink last longer as compared to a machine.

TheIGPD says:

Yeah, I am not worried about that and would travel around the world if I really had to.

wonderlandsexxx says:

Imy bro got some of this tattoo and it is really pretty than american tattoo bc the one needle tattoo fade the colo away faster and some artist r really bad at drawing bc this artist r really well train for it
Im think of geting one when i get to 23

sinkbelow says:

do you wanna get tattoed in a traditional way???
takes longer = cost more $
is that OK for you??

KlavyeDelikanlisi1 says:

i dont care tattoo yakuza or something i just wanna fuck the girl at the end of video

sinkbelow says:

nobody likes Yakuza

kikyou88 says:

True. Actually I WANT to have part of this cuz this is sooo beautiful, but… you know?
Oh my… I just hate yakuza…

TheIGPD says:

I would be honored to be tattooed by this man

someone please inform me if you know a way i may contact him

TheIGPD says:

Or you can say its your biography that has significant meaning

sinkbelow says:

I mean CAN’T

sinkbelow says:

Japanese traditional tattoo is not for yakuza.

Japanese fire fighters were getting full-sleve tattoo long time ago.

again it is not the symbol of Yakuza

but it is true that most ppl think like tattoo = Yakuza.
thats my problem coz i can even go to swimming pool in Japan.
I would get kicked out…

sinkbelow says:

that doesn’t cause liver problems no more.

nowadays they(artists) know how to wash and keep the needles clean.

so don’t worry and get full sleve tattoo today 🙂

oOKakarotOo says:

Someone should have a tattoo of a shirt so they don’t have to ware one

kikyou88 says:

People will have this tatoo are NOT normal organization in Japan, like Yakuza.

Pai Akk says:

หรอย วะ

TahNoobWord says:

This is so disgusting that i cant even look

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