Filip Leu Back Tattoo

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One of the best tattooists out there. Check out this mammoth piece. First Sitting on my back. Check out my Blog for the latest work on my back!


tannpan says:

Filip Leu is SIIIIIICKLY talented- just amazing.

Nicole Arnold says:

Holy shit man. That’s all I gotta say. The hours put into this… I just couldn’t imagine… Really good work. Not a tattoo that I would get and hopefully wouldn’t ever have to give but wow. It’s really good work.

xxsurcentralxx says:

this is sick!….who this like this?? fucking haters

lickthebubble says:

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1. You are reading this comment

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tattooedgeek666 says:

I also live in the U.S. and have only been tattooed by him here. New York, New Jersey and California. Every time was AMAZING!!!

lovelycareyy says:

thanx, cause i live in the U.S and im trying to get an appointment set up

tattooedgeek666 says:

I don’t know. I usually just call him at the tattoo shop a few weeks before I want to get tattooed. Sorry I don’t have more info.

lovelycareyy says:

how long is his waiting list

superchicgal1 says:

It’s so amazing!!!!!!

pg1437 says:

He’s going fast because he is using a dime gap shader to get the soft greys, hence fast hand motions.

xxmagnumforcexx says:

they sell some topical spray that numbs the area a little for tattoos (i have no clue the name) the shop i go to uses it some times,it helps the burning sensation a bit

repYAends says:

and i understand that. but me personally when talking to a tattooist will refer to it as a machine but when im talking to some clients i refer to it as a gun because a machine could be a no. of things an to keep saying tattoo machine can get rather annoying so its just easier to say gun. even some tattoo supply websites refer to them as guns. i understand about negative connotations but that only applies to narrow minded people lets face it guns aren’t dangerous in the right hands!

LucyInk121 says:

He wasn’t pointing our your mistake to be a dick, he was saying it because “gun” has negative connotations, which tattooing is try to get away from thses days. It’s about creating the image of what tattooing is really about – the art work and having a really positive experience.

Adrian Caldeira says:

wicked man simply wicked! sick ass tattoo!

cuda540ify says:

he doesnt hurt any more than normal ,less in a way if you look at how fast,i got half a forearm in 3 hrs, kickass ink very fast

cuda540ify says:

2 fuckwits disliked this,i spose their backyard scratcher is better HAHA

tattooedgeek666 says:

Looking forward to it!!! Cheers!

Devraj Chaliha says:

god at work……. wish i could get tattooed by him someday

bittersweetcandytatt says:

Thanks Man, he will start next year on my backpiece..I will send you some pics when it ready!! Take care greets!!

tattooedgeek666 says:

He is fast and he is good at what he does. The pain is no different from anyone else. It is better because he does work so fast. The faster he works the faster he finishes. The only tip I have for you is let him do his thing, let him be creative and you won’t be sorry. Good luck!!!

bittersweetcandytatt says:

Hey TattooGeek666, How did you put up with the pain, cause Filip Leu really works fast…got any tips? Thanks, greets from bittersweet Switserland.

DurexDurpaneu2 says:

I jizzed in my pants. Omfg that is beautiful! His work and his workflow are impecable!

Danny Phuong says:

ok so if i want him to do a tattoo for me .. how do i make an apointmen with him .. do you have his shop number that i can contac .. thanks you very much bro .. i really love his work .. iam a tattoo artis my self and he is my Idol …

tattooedgeek666 says:

11 and 1/2 hour for everything. As far as how much it costs that is between Filip and his client. Sorry I don’t want to start putting up dollar amounts, but he is very reasonably priced considering the amount of work in such a short time period. I have been getting tattooed by him for over 18 years and I always felt like the price was great.

Danny Phuong says:

hey bro … you said 11 and 1/2 hrs for the out line and the shading too or just the shading ?? and howmuch is something liek that cost bro … it look very nice .

tattooedgeek666 says:

Two sittings for the total of 11 1/2 hours. We did six and a half hours the first sitting, five hours the second.

Jesusplant says:

Thats one mean looking back piece man I like it, how many sittings/hours did it take to get that far?

studiokdoart says:

tenho tattoo dele e é incrivel…não faz casca .

 by kdo art

repYAends says:

i can call it what i want. i call my car a car but that doesn’t mean im permitted to call it an automobile ya twat. dont be so sinicle as to pull people up on what they call there kit. an i use a mao road runner cut back liner an mao road runner shader they both have rca/phono converters as im not a fan of standard clip cords oh an i run them both on a cyclone 360 so id hardly say i was a 50 pound kit off ebay scratcher.

tonymaez says:

you call your machine a gun? shows how much u know! fucken scratcher!!!!

thistly says:

Actually irons tends to be just just a way machine crafters refer to their range, e.g. ‘Joe Smith handmade Irons”,, harking fondly back to Ye Olden sounding terms.
It’s more of a novelty though – you generally don’t see a tattooist say “I bought a new shading iron today” however, unless they’re trying way too hard to sound pseudo-antiquated, or show off by using unnecessary terms the general public don’t know. Most just say “machine”.

repYAends says:

i do apoligize not all machines etc. an if most tattooists call um irons anyway if ya wanna be a dick about it.

hellicious says:

its not a gun its a machine

repYAends says:

not all guns travel at 70 motions a second some run at about 38 depends how high ya have ya voltage i run my mao road runner liner on about 5.50v an use a cyclone 360 power supply

gazzablackman says:

Too many teeth!

TomSELECTT says:


that tat is SIC

inkhead5000 says:

Nice dude!!! Leu is the man!! congrats!

rockagaistbush1400 says:

ma father was the first tatooed the full back by leu

seanhutch69 says:

Hey Saminqa..I got a tattoo from Filip a good few years back an i just turned up at his house(old studio address)his wife directed me to his then new “street” studio in Lausanne..he was booked up for months an months,but cos id traveled from the UK he gave me 2hrs at the end of the day!!it ment me sleeping in the train station in Geneva(to get up to Chamonix where i was snowboardin’)over night…but hey!!i got a tattoo from Filip Leu!!and put up with his jokes!lol…..

carpetallday says:

gorgeous. i am completely jealous.

E23443 says:

you’re so lucky dude..

thelumbahjack says:


hellicious says:

a needle is piercing your skin 70 times in 1 second, you do the math.
of course it depends which part of your body are you getting tattoed i have both of my legs tattoed (by me) it didnt hurt that bad in most of my leg but in the knee was like it was on fire

EspadaBG says:


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