Different Brands of Tattoo Ink

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carl grace and mike devries show some ink brands have colors you may like better than others , no one brand has all the best colors but as long as you use good ink the pallet is up to you , this may help you pick some good colors any quality ink will work prime pigments dermaglow eternal intenze starbright fusion moms and many more just dont purchase ink on ebay



as long as you don’t buy off ebay it should be real. some colors by some makers don’t work as well as other colors that’s just the way it is takes time to get all your inks perfect. thus why you use one color from one source and another color from someone else its expensive but getting a set from a few major companies will allow you to find YOUR PALLET I have never had a problem so far with any colors from eternal and fusion

Regena Rodriguez says:

Got a question, there are several sellers on ebay that are authorized resellers and have checked on the Kuro Sumi site and technical tattoo supply web site for verification. They are listed.. Are these inks still bad?
Also was wondering if you could tell me about the Moms Invisible fallout ink? Also bought from an authorized seller and the ink wont stay in. Had several artists try with same results. Thanks


that’s the idea, learn oil painting it will take you far if you want to do color , some colors are mixed in tube others are rinsed out in the cup .

oedtxesh13 says:

How do you go about switching from one color to the next on the skin when shading? Wouldn’t the colors kind of mix?

badbri t says:

un fortunatly thats where i got my ink,, that made a sore,,



scoop4fiddy says:

i got some “name brand ” ink off ebay and it was really watered down.it is crap like he says


all ink on ebay is fake NEVER BUY INK ON EBAY NEVER EVER EVER , ebay is a haven for knock off china shit , and you dont want to trust china for when it comes to being clean and safe , ink is one of them things you must pay for quality , get a couple bottles a month and build up if you have to or get fusion or eternal skin candy prime or other quality ink in red, yellow, blue, black , white to start , learn to mix if needed then add colors

dustsaymore says:

I got some star bright off ebay cuz it was the cheapest place i could find it. i got it off a us seller. I thought it would be ok but I think might of been bad idea. Some of the color seperate pretty quick. It has the same label as the other place that sell it. Should I not use this ink or you think it be ok?

KotsChopShop says:

think it’s worth mentioning; to stay the hell away from cheap imported China crap like Flying Tigers Ink, as garbage such as that won’t take, quickly fades and heals up blotchy leaving blank spots and will absolutely ruin anything you lay

TheIcekilla187 says:

im thinking about giving tattoos, I never gave 1 b4 so I don’t know that much about it, i’m just very good at drawing, a question I have is, to get the colors in the ink gun do u dip the tip of the ink gun into the ink like painting or what?


never heard of new image or fantasia , and scream is junk like prism , the reast are all good , go to alchemyirons*com i have a article in the forum with ink maker of new skin candy, alla prima , and couple others slip my mind , biggest differences is viscosity and colors ,

SoundOut260 says:

whats the best ink in your opinion……………..thanks

Skin Candy
New Image
Mom’s aka (Millennium)
Super Bright

Jake Spence says:

Excellent channel and very informative! More people should share a little information like this. I’m sick of having to fix other people’s work! Love your video on grey wash mixing. Even after 4 years tattooing I found it very useful and will be trying your methods myself. Much respect! Keep doing what your doing!


actually grafitti green isnt their brightest, nuclear green is , but you can use grafitti green with a few drops of lighting yellow to make nuclear green, for that nuclear glow look the fade is lightning yellow,nuclear green to graffiti green ,

xlioilx says:

I totally recommend Eternal ink.. Their tripple black is dark dark dark. I also love the graffiti green it’s a bright neon green…


well a traditional style has 6 colors anything else is up to you , blending different shades of one color makes for a better piece of work, realistically speaking

comeonjerks says:

Pretty cool video. I feel like when im using.more than 5-6 colors and black im going overboard! 30+ colors in one tattoo Im not sure I even use 30 colors overall haha. but these guys do a totally different type of tattooing

manfrommanila09 says:

Tnx a lot! 🙂


the brand is not so much important as you get a broad value set of washes like 5 values if the set only has 3 then you have to do allot of dipping in multiple caps to get in between values, not a beginner thing to do, i show how to make a wash system like silverback if your not up to making your own if you can use SB or bob tyrell set from talenz , what ever one you use apply each value to a white card with a brush to see the value, shading ink willl be up to %40 lighter when healed

manfrommanila09 says:

What brand of ink do u sudgest in black n gray portraits?


there is a video on dark skin , its about using darker values ranges


thats how its done , see video grey wash redo


my work ? alchemyirons i build machines


well do they still put allot of glycerin in i t? if it sits for a couple of weeks the glycerin will rise to the top and you can draw it off with a syringe , if you just get a 1oz of eternal medium blue , yellow ,and red and 1oz of white and black you can create many colors and or add to the prism with the eternal to strengthen it . learn about the color wheel

TeesTattoos says:

what could i do to dilute it? or make it go into the skin easier perhaps? ive already bought a whole set lol. if i cant do anything i will most likely buy some eternal or something.

Birdii100 says:

Hey any advice for tatting on dark skin cause I am from a Caribbean island actually Barbados most of the people down here have dark skin and I notice tatting on dark skin to a more lighter person like (red skin or white) is much different so any helpfull advice I notice allot of artist down here put bright colors into the person skin I only use black and red tho

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