Japanese Tattoo Jess Yen tattooing leg sleeve dragon by tebori method during the Friday of Musink ’11 in Costa Mesa, CA. カリフォルニアのコスタ・メサで行われたミュージンクで初代彫顔は手彫りを披露する。作品はレッグ・スリーブの赤龍
The Japanese word irezumi means “insertion of ink” and can mean tattoos using tebori, the traditional Japanese hand method, a Western-style machine, or for that matter, any method of tattooing using insertion of ink. The most common word used for traditional Japanese tattoo designs is Horimono. Japanese may use the word “tattoo” to mean non-Japanese styles of tattooing. Exert from http://wikipedia.org www.mytats.com Shodai Hori-Yen (Jess Yen) tattooing with tebori- a traditional Japanese hand poking style. He owns the shop- My Tattoo- in Los Angeles, California. www.mytats.com