This is a documentary film about a Japanese legendary tattoo artist HORIYOSHI the THIRD. A brilliant insight to the man and his art, tattoo conventions and Ed Hardy!.
There’s more to getting inked than you think. Takahiro Kitamura — aka “HORITAKA,” apprentice to the revered master Horiyoshi III — is an author, prolific tattoo artist, and owner of San Joses State of Grace. He will deliver a talk on the time-honored art of Japanese tattoos, a rich culture of beauty, commitment, and history. See LIVE demonstrations of employing both traditional (no electric needles!) and modern techniques. Joining Horitaka’s diverse, talented crew of tattooists are special guests from Japan — Shige, a powerhouse tat artist who’s showcased all over the world; Mutsuo, who’s designed for Bathing Ape and Hysteric [More]
This is an epic tattoo by the world reknowned Horiyoshi III the skill of line work and the depth of colour is beautiful. Horiyoshi 3, maitre incontesté du tatouage traditionnel japonais… Âmes sensibles, s’abstenir…
Watch the master at work. horiyoshi-traditional japanese tattooing Horiyoshi-3 the greatest Irezumi artist in the world, working on the earlier stages of my left chest and arm piece.