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www.dabealan.com So after a long-while of me trying to hog traffic over to my flickr account, I decided to finally post my tattoo stop-motion video to youtube. The tattoo is taking longer than anticipated to finish so I’ve decided to post it up here for more people to see while I get work done on it. From my flickr that day: So with the help of Tony Touch, I am getting an awesome Nerd sleeve worked on whenever I go visit Toledo. We decided to roll with an evolution of cameras at first, then more nerdy references above. Tony got [More]
The legendary NYC tattoo artist finds a fitting way to celebrate Mother’s Day at Earnest Sewn
There has been more code tattoos done since but this being the first and streamed live on facebook makes this one stand-out as a true classic. Gain access to more creative minds at www.facebook.com On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist KARL realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and influenced the tattoo. Log in now to the Human API at www.facebook.com Share a creative mind’s thoughts, chat, ask questions and help him make the creative calls as he works live online. Leave an [More]