Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment in collaboration with Ron Phelps of Addicted to Tattoos and the show Tampa Ink, brings you … Don’t rely on videos on the internet, seek professional apprenticeships from licensed tattooists.
If it’s your first tattoo then look around first. Find a design that you really love. It may take awhile but the wait will be worth it. One of the best places on the internet to find great tattoo designs to help you find something you will love is Chopper Tattoo. Follow the above link to get your free 20 videos for the FAQ and answers for Chopper Tattoos.
Mario Barth giving some Tips on Tattooing – Intenze Tattoo Ink – Painful The design that Mario is working on is a bald eagle with shield. He offers some tips to tattooists that can help you be better at your chosen art-form. Doing line work with a grey pigment rather than a black that is harder to blend in when doing shading. Stretching the skin when tattooing is very important to keep the needle depth consistent, rather than the needle bouncing off the top of the skin or at different depths. Go easy on the skin so you can [More]
Whilst these videos are available it is advisable to do an apprenticeship through a reputable tattooist. It is not adviseable to tattoo your friends and family as guinea-pigs as you could do a lot of damage.