3D Tattoo Designs – Weird and Beautiful Art

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www.miamiinktattoodesigns.com the biggest tattoo gallery on the internet. In more than 60 categories you will find Tribal, Butterfly, Dragon, Star Tattoo Designs and more.


layan qhtani says:

The music is so not cool

GaddizDesign says:

Wow. Awesome tat work. Especially the Superman!!

XSammixSunsetX says:

Behold, a great Red Dragon.

Maxwell Wallace says:

for incredible tattoo ideas, type in “Moooniac” in googles search bar 🙂

RuFiOPx says:

stupid meaningless tattoos

v00d00child187 says:

shouldnt be a prob, i guess. unless..its a picture thats rly not cut out to be a tat(poorly drawn or mb way too small)…then its up to the artist to tell you that. u just need to find someone whos up to the task.


don’t know about you but , to me beautiful is unicorns , angels , peguses (or however you spell it ) , wolves , animals and god

fuckedyourmom420 says:

Thank god man! I was a bit sketchy on what he said i was bummed out for a sec thanks man ill make sure to get a legit tat artist to do mine since they seem a tat bit more artsy thank you though.

Painx17 says:

What he said was bullshit.me and my friends have gotten every tattoo off pictures from the internet.tattooartist do whater the fuck you tell them to do,its like going to get a haircut

미카 엘 says:


fuckedyourmom420 says:

awww man really? I really have some pictures that i wana get tattooed on me but if thats the case i guess i wont get a tattoo any time soon.

Dakota Hart says:

Every artist has their own ideals. Some won’t do anything like that. The really Good artists design everything for clients. That’s half the job.

fuckedyourmom420 says:

Hey man what if you have this picture that you got off the internet and its really unique could you go to any tattoo artist and ask em if they can do it? Or will they reject your design and they only do things they do in their book

Dakota Hart says:

If you want your tattoo to be unique, have your artist design it…

Lovestoospooge69full says:

1:17 RED DRAGON!!!! that tattoo looks crazy!! but if i got it, i feel that no girl would want to talk to me =X

Seamo Seamo says:

Nice work.

SEAN ZEE says:

Who ever posted this is a fucking asshole!!! These tattoos and all the ones on tattoo now are custom tattoos drawn specifically for those clients and are not meant to be copied. Tattoo Now is meant for people to find a tattoo artist that does tattoos in a style that your looking for. NOT to find a tattoo to have another artist tattoo on you. The people who have those tattoos on them payed a lot of money to have a tattoo drawn for them and tattooed on THEM ONLY. This site and this video is STEAL

Rene obitsø says:

I found a good site, in search for Tattoo designs ww4w.tattoo-ideas-for-first-tattoo.n4et You have to delete the 4 in ww4w and n4et dont know way i cant do i without ? lol ^_^

Jackisquitegood says:


musicteacher912 says:


MCMikeProduction says:


artist: fake
title: 1,2,3,4

MrTattooremoval says:

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piwnia100 says:


Napopeles101 says:

the full sleeve at 1:12 is sick af!

craphead9ass says:

Gay music

shiha saidin says:

@ypbkkde hey again if you want your next tat too be unique you should tattoo now they have 8000 designs, im a life time member they are awesome, have look here > bit.ly/I6fcS1?=vukegg

daedricblood says:

The only one tattoo in this video thats hasnt been featured in a credible tattoo magazine is the back piece from the film Red Dragon. photoshop??? your funny.

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