Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment in collaboration with Ron Phelps of Addicted to Tattoos and the show Tampa Ink, brings you … Don’t rely on videos on the internet, seek professional apprenticeships from licensed tattooists.
White Cheyenne and Inteze products.
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Mike DeVries gives us the information on the features that come along with the Inkjecta Tattoo Machine! Available at “Born and raised in…, SullenTV and Eternal Ink present Under the Skin with Tattoo Ish, tattooing in Los Alamitos, C…
RIHANNA gets traditional Polynesian tattoo by legendary tattooist Inia Taylor from MOKOINK.COM & assisted by Tiki Taane. Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand Octobe…
Exisit body art, or a proud display of organized crime connections? In Japan, full-body tatooing rises from dubious origins to artform. See All National Geographic Videos
carl grace and mike devries show some ink brands have colors you may like better than others , no one brand has all the best colors but as long as you use good ink the pallet is up to you , this may help you pick some good colors any quality ink will work prime pigments dermaglow eternal intenze starbright fusion moms and many more just dont purchase ink on ebay
One of the best photo realistic tattooist. See more at WWW.INKEDUP.TV